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How to Use Watercolor Brush Pens

09th Mar 2023

Watercolor brush pens, also referred to as watercolor markers or simply “watercolor pens,” offer an enjoyable and accessible way to add fine lines and detail to your artwork.

They’re user-friendly and don’t require much setup or cleanup time. That makes them ideal for new artists or anyone wanting to experiment with a different medium.

  • Choose the Right Paper

When selecting paper for watercolor brush pens, one of the most critical factors to consider is whether or not it’s bleed-proof. Without this protection, water-based ink could eat through your paper and leave you with a hole in your paper as well as damaged pens.

When selecting paper for watercolor brush pens, ink flow is another essential factor to consider. Some have a wet flow that lays down rich lines immediately, while other drier pens allow the tip to remain on the paper without creating ink blobs or streaks.

Some brush pens feature dual nibs that enable different strokes. The wider tip is ideal for creating broad strokes, while the pointed one helps achieve fine details.

  • Blend Colors

Watercolor brush pens are an ideal way to bring the beauty of watercolor painting into your projects. Their moistened tips resemble paintbrushes, and they’re easy to use.

A watercolor brush pen can be used to draw bold lines or fine details with ease, depending on how much pressure you apply and the angle at which you hold it. Plus, with some creative thinking, you can even alter the shape of your brush for new effects!

Before using a brush pen to create artwork, it’s essential to practice your strokes. Use slow, flowing strokes so that your lines blend smoothly without fading or becoming lost in the paint.

If you’re just beginning, tracing paper is a great place to practice using watercolor brush pens. Its smooth surface won’t let the ink bleed through too quickly while still offering an enjoyable texture for practicing your techniques.

  • Make New Shades

Watercolor brush pens come in an array of hues and can be used to achieve a variety of effects. Their convenient pen shape makes them easy to use, while their water-soluble ink allows you to seamlessly blend colors together.

Some brush pens also include tools called colorless blenders that help blur the edges between two colors. This is useful if you want to create unique shades by mixing different hues together without completely blending over their entire area.

Create beautiful ombre effects with watercolor brush pens by touching the tips of two different colors together. The darker-colored pen will gradually take on the hue of the lighter-colored one and then return to its own hue.

Create texture in your artwork by dropping a drop of water on colored areas and varying the amount, location, and speed at which it dries. You’ll get various looks, from light dots to water droplets or bubbles!

  • Practice Your Techniques

Watercolor brush pens make it effortless to paint, letter, and sketch without the mess of having multiple brushes on hand. Plus, they’re an ideal choice for beginners.

When working with watercolor pens, it’s essential to practice your techniques. This could include learning how to switch between thick and thin lines with the pen nib, as well as altering how you hold the pen for different effects on its strokes.

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