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Which Colour Pen Is Best For Learning?

09th Aug 2022

The question of which colour pen is best for learning has always been a source of debate. A recent study suggests that using a blue pen actually hinders the effectiveness of marking. 

However, another study suggests that using red ink is the most effective way to learn. The study did not include teachers, so it is not possible to draw definitive conclusions. However, it does suggest that red ink is superior to blue in terms of accuracy.

Research shows that using red ink has many benefits for learning. In addition to being a great contrast to blue, red ink improves memory and is ideal for writing subject headers or titles. 

Blue, on the other hand, is a good choice for writing the main body text. Students who find it hard to memorize may also find it useful to use blue ink. But whether the red is better for learning is not clear.

If you want to know more about which color pen is best for learning, continue reading this article. 

Types of Colour Pens Used for Leaning

Different color pens have different meanings and use. Here are common color pens and their meanings. 

  • Green: Concentration

The color green is associated with concentration. Using a green highlighter improves efficiency when studying and increases your concentration. The green text allows you to take in words and retain them in your mind for a long time. This makes the learning process more comfortable and accessible. A green pen also helps you remember information more quickly. A green highlighter also helps you to keep track of key information.

  • Orange: Mood Lifter

Whether you’re studying for an exam or studying for an upcoming exam, the orange highlighter is sure to improve your mood. Its cheery tone is sure to help you cope with monotony and adapt quickly to the complexities of new topics. If you’re struggling to complete a long paragraph, you’ll find that highlighting it in orange will bring your ideas to life. And, because the orange color promotes comfort, it can even help you remember important deadlines and tasks.

  • Blue: Productivity

The color blue is most effective for learning in challenging situations. Its lighter shades tend to make people feel more friendly and less somber. However, if you are working on a highly intellectual task, it is best to highlight your work in blue ink to enhance your thinking abilities and creativity. However, be careful not to overdo it, as too much blue can make you feel cold. 

Which Colour Pen Is Best for Learning?

There is some evidence that pens with contrasting colors are better at retaining information than others. Those who write or read in red ink tend to remember more, whereas students who use blue ink are less likely to recall their notes. 

However, these studies have only been conducted on small scales. For example, one study of Grade 9 students showed that red ink was more effective in recall than blue ink. Another study suggested that girls had better overall recall than boys.

Using colored pens can benefit students and adults of all ages. Not only do they make it easier to remember information, but they can also make studying more fun. 

Students who use colored pens will also benefit from their ability to organize their notes and retain information. Having clear, legible writing is essential for success in class and in the real world. The best way to remember information is to write it down well.