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Which Marker is Best For a Whiteboard?

25th Oct 2022

When selecting a marker for a whiteboard, it’s important to know that not all markers are the same. Permanent markers are difficult to remove and can leave behind permanent marks that are difficult to wipe off. For this reason, a temporary marker is usually the best choice. However, if you’re not too particular about permanent marking, you might want to consider a washable, erasable marker.

  • Artellius markers

These markers come in a wide range of colors and come in a variety of sizes. They come in different shades of green, blue, purple, and brown. The chisel tip is great for writing fine or bold lines. They also feature low-odor ink that makes them safe to use.

These markers are excellent for a whiteboard because they are long-lasting and come with an ink-level window that lets you see when the ink is at the right level. They also come in seven colors and are available in light and dark shades.

  • Staedtler’s Lumocolor series

If you’re a big fan of dry-erase markers, Staedtler’s Lumocolour whiteboard markers are the ideal choice. They feature odorless and dry-safe ink and bullet tips for precise writing. Available in a wide range of colors, these pens are a must-have for any whiteboard.

These whiteboard markers come in single pieces or in box sets. You can use them on whiteboards as well as flipcharts. The whiteboard markers are erasable, and the ink can be wiped clean without water. They also feature a dry-safe technique, which prevents the ink from drying out and making the board unreadable.

  • Artellius dry-erase markers

If you’re looking for dry-erase markers for a whiteboard, you’ve probably heard of Artellius. These products are known for their efficiency and comfort. Plus, they have a money-back guarantee. They also come in 12 different colours and are non-toxic.

Unlike regular markers, Artellius dry-erase markers are non-toxic, so they’re safe for children to use. They’re also safe for regular use in offices and classrooms. They write on most non-porous surfaces, including mirrors and whiteboards. They’re also made in the USA, so you can rest assured that you’ll get great customer service and support from the company.

  • Staedtler’s Dry Safe ink feature

Dry Safe ink is a unique feature of Staedtler’s whiteboard markers. It has been formulated to prevent the evaporation of ink, leaving a clean, odorless mark. Because of this unique feature, Dry Safe markers can be left open for days without the ink dripping or leaving any residue on surfaces. The markers also have an automatic pressure equalization system that prevents evaporation, making them ideal for classroom environments. They are also non-toxic and contain no alcohol or toluene.

Whiteboard markers with Staedtler’s Dry Safe feature are available as single pieces and as box sets. Unlike other whiteboard markers, Staedtler’s Dry Safe markers do not contain toluene or xylene. Moreover, they are fast-drying and have a low odor. They are also economical to use and come with a convenient refill system.