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Boldly mark your CDs with precision using our durable CD markers. Waterproof ink ensures lasting impressions for easy organization and identification.

Kaywin CD/DVD Markers

Since 2001, Kaywin has lead CD marker manufacturing, offering a vast array of high-quality products. Our CD markers provide precise labeling and organization for your CDs and DVDs. With over 300 variations, our commitment to excellence is unwavering. Supported by 20 years of foreign trade expertise, our responsive team customizes CD pens tailored to your needs. With a vast workshop spanning 26,398 sq.m., Kaywin sets industry standards, producing over 200 million in annual sales, exported globally.

Single-Tip CD Marker

Transform your CD marking with versatile barrels, premium ink, and durable tips. Choose from various shapes, sizes, and colors for personalized, long-lasting results.

Double-Tip CD Marker

The double-tip CD marker has two strokes with different thicknesses, allowing one pen to meet your different application needs.

Application of Our CD Markers

Kaywin CD markers offer precision labeling for CDs/DVDs, enhancing organization, professionalism, and creativity in various settings.

CD Labeling and Organization

Simplify your CD collection management with CD markers. Label CDs and DVDs with precision, ensuring easy identification and organization. With a variety of colors and quick-drying ink, CD marker pens offer a convenient solution for categorizing and accessing your favorite music, movies, or data backups.

Office and Business Use

Enhance professional presentations and document management with CD markers. Mark CDs and DVDs for corporate events, training sessions, or client meetings, ensuring clear labeling and branding. With durable tips and permanent ink, CD marker pens provide long-lasting results, making them essential tools for office productivity and organization.

Arts and Crafts Projects

Unleash your creativity in arts and crafts projects with CD/DVD markers. Explore various artistic techniques, such as drawing, coloring, and embellishing, on CDs and DVDs. With vibrant colors and strong pressure resistance, CD markers offer endless possibilities for creating unique designs, personalized gifts, or multimedia artwork.

Kaywin CD marker

Features of CD markers

Tired of lackluster CD markers that fail to meet your needs? Say goodbye to disappointment. Our CD markers redefine excellence. Non-toxic, alcohol-based ink ensures safety. Fiber tips offer precision without compromise. Explore a variety of barrel shapes and sizes, printed with UV, silk screen, hot stamping, or heat transfer techniques.


  • Transform your CD marking experience with our versatile barrels.
  • Choose from various shapes including triangle and round, with options for single or double-sided barrels.
  • Available in fine, medium, and jumbo sizes, catering to your specific needs.
  • Our barrels are injected or extruded, providing durability and flexibility.
  • Customized with various printing processes, ensuring a unique and personalized touch.


  • Bid farewell to smudging and fading with our premium ink.
  • Non-toxic and alcohol-based, our ink offers permanent and ultra-permanent options in up to 36 vibrant colors, including classic and pastel shades.
  • Say no to bleedthrough, thanks to our quick-drying formula with anti-scratch features.
  • Enjoy a shelf life of up to 18 months, ensuring long-lasting performance.


  • Struggling with delicate tips that can't withstand pressure?
  • Our fiber tips come in various shapes, including round, bullet, and chisel, offering sizes ranging from 2.1 to 9 mm.
  • Built with strong pressure resistance, our tips ensure smooth and precise marking, even under challenging conditions.

Related Categories of Color Markers

KAYWIN Double Tips Sketch Marker

Double Tips Sketch Marker

One end has a normal nib and the other end has an ultra-fine nib, suitable for detailed painting and advanced coloring.

KAYWIN Triangular Fineliner Pen

Triangular Fineliner Pen

Triangular pen holder design, smooth pen holding and delicate water discharge.

KAYWIN Whiteboard Marker

Whiteboard Marker

Four-color design, suitable for a variety of surfaces, such as whiteboards, metal, plastic, etc.

KAYWIN Highlighter


The fluorescent color is bright and obvious, suitable for highlighting the key points of all work and study.

The Solutions we provide

Kaywin goes beyond just being a coloring pen manufacturer. We believe in quality and personalized client servicing.


Product Customization

Unleash your imagination with Kaywin's CD pen markers, crafted to turn your creative ideas into reality. Our customizable features cater to various cost structures, tailored to regional preferences, ensuring alignment with local values. Whether you bring your designs or require exclusive product design services, Kaywin offers a holistic approach, extending to packaging design to reflect your brand's essence in every detail.


ISO-Certified Art Products

With over two decades of trade expertise, our team delivers prompt and personalized solutions to fulfill your requirements. Our ISO-certified CD/DVD markers ensure dependable, smear-free performance, available in a vibrant palette of up to 36 colors. Trusted by major retailers like Walmart and ASDA, Kaywin ensures your creativity shines with every stroke.


Fast And Efficient Production

From inquiries to logistics, Kaywin maintains excellence. Choose from our 200+ ready-made styles or customize details to match your brand. Benefit from our extensive industry knowledge, ensuring top-notch products from a reliable CD manufacturer dedicated to supporting your brand. With an annual sales figure exceeding 200 million and a dedicated team of 650 employees, Kaywin guarantees efficient manufacturing across our expansive 26398㎡ workshop area.

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Research and Development

Adding colors to your imagination since 2001

If you’re a wholesaler, stockist, or supplier from anywhere in the world trying to establish yourself in the market by providing premium art supplies at affordable prices. Or just an art enthusiast who wants to add the best permanent markers to their collection. Kaywin is the most promising option for you.

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We Are A Global Leader In Manufacturing And Supplying High-Quality CD Markers At Affordable Prices.

It is not recommended to use regular pens on CDs as they can damage the disc’s surface and affect its readability. CD markers, specifically designed for use on optical media, provide a safer alternative for labeling and writing on CDs without causing harm.

A CD marker pen, also known as a CD marker or CD/DVD marker, is specifically designed for writing on CDs, DVDs, and other optical media. These markers feature non-toxic, quick-drying ink that adheres to the disc’s surface without smudging or causing damage. They are available in various colors and tip sizes to suit different labeling needs.

A CD marker pen is a specialized writing instrument designed for labeling and writing on CDs, DVDs, and other optical media. These markers typically feature non-toxic, permanent ink that adheres to the disc’s surface without smudging or causing damage. They are commonly used for organizing and identifying discs in home, office, and professional settings.

CD markers are specially formulated to adhere to CDs, DVDs, and other optical media surfaces. They work effectively on the writable surface of discs, providing clear and durable markings without causing damage or affecting playback quality.

CD markers typically feature permanent ink that is designed to withstand handling and storage. Once applied to the surface of a CD, the ink dries quickly and becomes resistant to smudging, fading, or erasure. It ensures long-lasting labeling and identification of discs.

While CD markers are primarily designed for use on optical media, they can also be used on other non-porous surfaces such as plastic, metal, and glass. However, it’s essential to test the marker on a small, inconspicuous area first to ensure compatibility and avoid potential damage.

Yes, CD markers are typically non-toxic and safe for use. They are formulated with ink that meets safety standards, making them suitable for both adults and children. However, it’s essential to handle them responsibly and avoid contact with eyes or ingestion.

The longevity of CD marker ink varies depending on factors such as storage conditions, frequency of use, and exposure to light and heat. Generally, the ink is designed to remain vibrant and legible for an extended period, with a shelf life of up to several years when stored properly.


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How to Choose the Perfect CD Marker: A Handy Guide

In today's digital age, CDs and DVDs remain essential for storing and organizing data, music, movies, and more.
Whether labeling personal collections or professional projects, finding the right CD marker is crucial for clear, long-lasting markings without damaging the disc's surface.

A Handy Guide to Help You Choose the Perfect CD Marker

Ink Type

Opt for CD markers with non-toxic, quick-drying ink to prevent smudging and ensure durability. Permanent ink is ideal for long-term labeling, while ultra-permanent ink offers maximum resistance to smearing and fading.

Color Variety

Consider CD markers that come in a wide range of colors to suit your labeling preferences. Vibrant colors allow for easy categorization and organization of CDs, making it simpler to locate specific discs at a glance.

Tip Size and Shape

Choose CD markers with fine, medium, or broad tips depending on your labeling needs. Fine tips are ideal for detailed writing, while broader tips cover larger areas for bold, legible markings. Additionally, consider the shape of the tip—bullet tips offer precision, while chisel tips provide versatility for various writing styles.

Pressure Resistance

Look for CD markers with tips that can withstand pressure to prevent damage to the disc’s surface during labeling. Fiber or acrylic tips with strong pressure resistance ensure smooth, consistent markings without scratching or smearing.


Ensure compatibility with CD and DVD surfaces by choosing markers specifically designed for use on optical media. These markers are formulated to adhere to the disc’s surface without causing damage or affecting playback quality.

Brand Reputation

Trust reputable brands known for producing high-quality CD markers that deliver consistent results. Check customer reviews and ratings to gauge the marker’s performance and reliability.

Key Takeaway

By considering these factors, you can confidently choose the perfect CD marker to meet your labeling needs. Whether organizing personal collections or professional projects, a reliable CD marker ensures clear, durable markings that stand the test of time.

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