Kaywin is a pen making enterprise that integrates production, sales, scientific research, and domestic and foreign trade. Wenzhou Kaywin is the Vice President of the China Writing Instrument Association.

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#8-S-877-DB Bingo Dabber


#8-S-877-DB Bingo Dabber

Single-tip Unique-tip
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Environment-Friendly Washable Color Pen

All the washable color pen product strictly conforms to international standards and environmentally friendly. Below are some details for reference.


  • Various shapes including triangle, round, square, hexagon and octagon
  • Single side and double sides available
  • Injected and extruded barrels
  • Fine, medium and jumbo size available
  • Various barrel printing processes including UV, silk screen, hot stamping and heat transfer


  • Non-toxic and scentless
  • Maximum 120 colors including classic and pastel colors
  • Washable and super washable ink suit for all shapes, can add fruit scent
  • Washable from most fabric, warm water and soap are helpful, repeat if needed
  • No penetration on the back of the paper
  • Shelf life more than 2 years


  • Porous and fibre tip material available
  • Various shape including round, bullet, chisel and conical tips Size between 2.0-9.4mm
  • Strong pressure resistance