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Brush Marker

At Kaywin Pen, you will find the perfect set of brush markers.

We manufacture different types, styles, and colors of brush markers in bulk. Our brush markers can be used to imitate the look and feel of a traditional paintbrush and do not require paints or water. They are also convenient to use because the brush tip is flexible and not very stiff or soft. This makes them great for beginners, children, and intermediate artists alike. They are also easy to use, and the caps come off easily. You can use it to apply a gradient effect or blend colors. Another benefit of brush markers is that they don’t emit a strong odor. Our brush markers conform to international standards and are available in 120 different colors. 

Chisel Tip Brush Marker

The chisel tip brush marker pen has a broad chisel tip that creates long, straight lines. Its chisel tip is also excellent for creating multiple layers of darker fill colors. While the Chisel tip is often used for text, it can be used for many other tasks. It can create fine and broad lines by gliding the tip over the paper. It can also be used for fine detail work, although it requires more practice. Chisel-tip brush markers are a favorite for many artists. 

Double Tips Sketch Marker

If you have an artistic side, you’ll love our dual-tip brush marker pen. This versatile marker has a brush tip on one side and an ultra-fine detail tip on the other. These markers are perfect for making fine lines, shading, and advanced coloring techniques. The dual-tip design is easy to use and offers a variety of color choices.

Triangular Brush Marker

If you are an art lover, you may be looking for a good-quality art marker pen with a comfortable grip. Our triangular brush marker pen has a triangle shape which offers a superior grip and helps you to make strokes with precision. These are excellent for drawing and painting, and they conform to environmental safety standards.

Single Tip Brush Marker

The single-tip brush marker pen is a versatile, easy-to-use color pen with a flexible tip. This type of marker can be used for various applications, from borders and details to drawing thick lines. They are also easy to use, as the cap can be removed easily with a small click. These markers are fast drying and do not smear or bleed. They are acid-free and water-based. They also have no odor. 

Features of Our Brush Marker

Our brush markers have various benefits. They're waterproof, fade-resistant, and use single-color pigments. They dry quickly and react quickly to pressure and direction changes. Because they're non-toxic, they're great for classrooms and small offices. They also make it easy to make fine, detailed strokes.


Fine Brush Tips​

Kaywin brush markers are excellent for artists who are looking for a flexible tool that can be used for a variety of art projects. They come in different brush tip sizes. 


Single Side and Double Side Pen

Kaywin brush marker pens come in single-sided and double-sided styles. They are easy to handle and provide an excellent color flow. The colors are vibrant, and the ink spreads easily. Our pens can be used by children as well as adults.


Available in 120 Colors

Artists who want to express their creativity in a beautiful, vibrant manner will enjoy using the brush marker collection. Kaywin pens feature 120 brilliant shades and are part of a unique color-matching system. Each marker features the finest pigments and a buttery, smooth laydown of color.


Shelf Life of 2 Years

Kaywin brush markers have a shelf life of two years. They are made to be extremely durable and can last for a long time. You can use our markers for many different purposes as well. 



A non-toxic washable brush marker is a great option for kids who like to draw. Our washable markers are safe to use on paper and dry-erase boards. The ink is also completely washable and will not smear or drip. 


Environment Friendly

Kaywin brush markers are eco-friendly. You don't have to worry about any harmful effects on the environment because our marker is water-based, which means it can be diluted with water. This makes it a great choice for a variety of applications, from sketching to illustration.


Non-Toxic and Scentless

One of the main benefits of Kaywin markers is that they do not release an odor. This makes them suitable for use in small office spaces and classrooms. The non-toxic ink also prevents the markers from drying out quickly.

Application of Our Brush Marker

Kaywin markers have a real brush tip, which gives a much better feel than the paint pens that most people use. Our markers are perfect for modern calligraphy and hand lettering, as they are easy to use and carry


The ink and flexible tip of our brush marker allow you to get different effects with different pressure levels and brush strokes. This makes it perfect for sketching. If you are an artist, you can use it for sketching.

Art Projects

Brush markers have flexible tips, which make them easy to apply and use. They are great for beginners, intermediate artists, and children. The caps can be removed and reinserted with a quick click, so they're easy to handle.

Fine Detail Work

Brush markers are versatile art supplies that let you draw and paint fine detail. They come with a variety of nib styles. A broad, chiseled tip is often used to lay down colors and fill in blank spaces, while a finer point allows for fine detail work. 


Brush markers are the type of washable color pen that has ink that dries instantly and does not fade. These types of markers are great for doodling, sketching, labeling, and writing. 

Related Categories of Brush Marker

Washable Color Pen

The washable color brush marker pen is an excellent tool for children to use to draw on dry-erase boards and paper. Its ink won't spill or drip. This washable marker pen comes in a range of classic and vibrant colors. 

Fineline Brush Marker

The Fineline brush marker pen is a great choice for artists who want fine consistent lines. The markers offer precise control for both thick and thin lines. They are also ideal for subtle shading. The brush tip on these markers allows you to apply painterly effects with no color loss. 

Super Brush Marker

The super brush marker pen comes with a super thin brush tip that helps you in making thin or variable strokes. They're great for beginners and are available in a variety of colors.

Permanent Marker

A permanent marker pen or an indelible marker is a writing instrument that makes permanent and indelible marks. Permanent marker pens come with a variety of tips. These markers are alcohol-based. 

Solutions we provide


Wholesale Price

We offer brush markers at wholesale prices. You can save money and get a better quality product with us. Our markers are made with high-quality ink that is non-toxic. 


One-Stop Brush Marker Solution

If you are looking for a brush marker that will last you a lifetime, Kaywin brush markers may be the solution for you. We offer a guarantee, a refund policy, and free replacements. 


OEM/ODM Support

At Kaywin, we offer OEM/ODM support. We offer customized brush markers and colored pens. We can manufacture the markers as per the client's specifications. 

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Brush markers feature fiber tips, while regular markers have felt tips. Brush tip markers are the most versatile of the four main types of marker tips. They produce a fine line when pressed lightly and a thicker line when pressed more firmly. 

Brush pens are better than typical paintbrushes as they are less messy and easy to use. Brush pens tend to produce more vibrant and dynamic pieces than simple brushes. 

Brush tip markers are a great choice for many different types of art projects. They are excellent for sketching, painting, and calligraphy art. They can also be used to create shading or calligraphy-style strokes.

If you want to write or draw with a fine line, you need a fine line marker. A fine line marker is 0.4mm thick or less. If you are planning to write small, detailed letters and sketches, you should get a fine-tipped black marker. 

When it comes to drawing, washable brush markers are a great choice for beginners and experienced artists alike. They offer a rich color range and excellent blending abilities. 

Yes, brush markers are good for coloring as they can help you to create different shading effects. They are great for blending and creating a watercolor effect. 


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