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Kaywin metallic ink pens feature low-odor pigment ink and an opaque lacquer finish, making them perfect for a variety of surfaces, including black paper, wood, and plastics. With a shelf life of over 18 months and a stunning range of up to 12 colors, these markers are a valuable addition to any collection. For best results, keep the tip down for 5 minutes before use, replace the cap when not in use, and store them horizontally.

Featured Metallic Markers

With its wide selection of colors and suitability for various surfaces, the Kaywin metallic marker is the perfect choice for artists and creators looking to add a rich, radiant, and shiny sheen to their projects.

Metallic Marker, with 2 alternative tips

#1-S-266-B Metallic Marker

metallic pens for black paper, with 2 alternative tips,

#1-Q-698 Metallic Marker

special liquid-based brush marker with metallic ink

#1-D8-2101-x Metallic Marker

double tips with asymmetrical designed caps

#1-D6-2101-x Metallic Marker

with pearl white barrel and transparent caps

Application of Our Metallic Markers

Our metallic markers are made with advanced technology, providing vibrant and lasting colors that can be customized to meet your needs. Whether you use them for everyday office use or artistic creation, our metallic markers can offer you endless possibilities.

Art and Crafts

Add a touch of shine to your projects with these markers that come in gold, silver, copper, bronze, and other shiny metallic colors! They are great for detailed work and are a must-have for any creative project.

Industrial Marking and Labeling

Ensure durability in industrial applications with Kaywin Metallic Markers. The waterproof and fade-resistant metallic ink pens are perfect for marking products, labeling machinery, and adding identification details in challenging environments.

Teaching and Practice

Engage students with Kaywin Metallic Brush Markers. The metallic colors are perfect for highlighting key concepts, creating vibrant educational charts, and fostering an interactive learning environment.

Features of Metallic ink Pens 

From metallic gold marker pen to silver metallic marker pens, there’s a shade to suit every project. You can write on whiteboards, glass, paper, and even certain plastics for maximum impact. Remember, when you partner with Kaywin, you’re not just selling markers, you’re selling the power to stand out and shine.


  • With metallic efforts on the barrel
  • Single side and double sides available
  • Fine, medium and jumbo size available
  • Various barrel printing processes including UV, silk screen, hot stamping and heat transfer


  • Non-toxic and scentless
  • Maximum 12 colors available
  • No penetration on the back of the paper
  • Filter based and liquid based available
  • Low-odour pigment ink opaque lacquer finish
  • Shelf life more than 12 months


  • Fiber and nylon tip material available
  • Various shape including round, bullet and brush tips
  • Size between2.9-4.4mm
  • Strong pressure resistance
  • Keep the tip down for 5 minutes before using for better effect
  • Replace cap when not in use and store horizontally

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Single tip Brush Marker

Maximum 120 colors including classic and pastel colors suit for sketching and calligraphy, washable and watersoluable ink suit for all shapes. Nylon, POM and fibre tip material available, shelf life more than 2 years.

Fineliner with triangular barrel

Maximum 120 colors including classic and pastel colors, Fine and super fine tips from 0.4-0.7mm, shelf life more than 2 years, writing lengths up to 500-1500m.

Single tip Color Pen

Maximum 120 colors including classic and pastel colors, washable and super washable ink suit for all shapes, shelf life more than 2 years.

CD Marker with 4 different tips

Maximum 36 colors including classic and pastel colors, alcohol based permanent and ultra permanent ink available, permanent on various surfaces. Shelf life more than 18 months, replace cap when not in use.

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FAQ of bulk purchasing metallic markers

Metallic ink pens work by using ink that contains small metallic particles, such as aluminum or bronze, which create a reflective, metallic sheen when applied to a surface. The ink in these markers naturally separates to display two colors with one stroke, creating a shiny outlining detail. The refill ink is a gel, which makes it easy to control. Metallic markers are commonly used for adding emphasis and focus to journal pages, highlighting words, lines, and shapes. The metallic ink in these markers is permanent and does not require shaking or pressing down the tip to get the ink to flow.

Metallic markers are not entirely smudge-proof they are typically smudge-proof on paper and card but not on smooth surfaces such as glass mirrors plastic metal and wood for example crayolas signature metallic permanent markers are described as not smudging and can be used on various surfaces like paper cardboard wood and canvas however its important to note that the ink of metallic markers may not be as opaque and shiny as other markers and they may not work on every material when using metallic markers its advisable to test them on the specific surface to ensure the desired result

Choose the Right Marker: Select metallic markers specifically designed to write on dark surfaces, such as black paper. metallic gold marker pen or silver metallic marker pens, gel pens, and certain paint markers are recommended for this purpose.
Prepare Your Surface: Ensure the black paper is clean and free of any debris that could interfere with the marker’s application.
Test the Marker pens: Before starting your project, it’s a good idea to test the markers on a small area of the black paper to ensure they appear as desired and that they work well on the specific paper you’re using.
Create Your Artwork: Once you’ve confirmed the markers work on the black paper, you can proceed to create your artwork, lettering, or designs.

“First, test a small, inconspicuous area before attempting to remove the metallic marker. For gentle cleaning, use a soft cloth with soapy water or rubbing alcohol. On some surfaces, gentle scrubbing with a paste of baking soda and water may also work. If the gentle methods don’t work, consider stronger options like nail polish remover or acetone, but be cautious as these can damage certain surfaces. Always refer to the manufacturer’s recommendations for specific removal instructions, which can often be found on the manufacturer’s website or packaging


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