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custom multi color pens

Our versatile Color Sketch Pen is the perfect choice for a wide range of applications, including schools, offices, and educational institutions. Whether you’re a student, teacher, or professional, our pens are designed to meet your creative needs.

As trusted color pen exporters and felt tip pen suppliers, we provide high-quality pens that cater to a multitude of scenarios. From classrooms to boardrooms, our pens shine in various environments.

Our commitment to quality ensures that our products are both lightweight and durable. The ergonomic and compact design guarantees a comfortable and enjoyable writing or drawing experience, no matter where you are.

Choose our Color Sketch Pens for all your creative endeavors, and experience the difference in quality that makes us the preferred choice among color pen exporters and felt tip pen suppliers.

Pen with Different Color Ink

Crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail, our pens are designed for unparalleled performance. We spare no effort to ensure faultless accuracy. These pens are built to endure, featuring ink that is safe, odorless, and boasts an exceptionally long cap-off time. Choose the ink type that suits your preference and usage from our selection. We take pride in being your trusted felt tip pen supplier.


Washable Ink

Wipe the ink out from walls and other surfaces Our color pens are water-based so even if the ink gets dried up, it can still be washable.


Super Washable Ink

These ink are super wipeable as it gets dissolved when exposed to water. They can be easily removed even from uneven surfaces like resins.

Selecting Pen's Lid

Catering to the diverse needs of our customers, as a leading felt tip pen wholesale supplier, we take pride in offering a wide array of pen cap options. Whether you prefer the convenience of a pocket clip cap or the versatility of a cap with a hole, we’ve got you covered.


Binder clip type that is easy to pinch in notebooks and notebooks


Ventilated has a little hole in the top to comply with the existing safety standards

Color pens with Various Tips

With a special arrowhead tip that prevents pushback of ink and also sealed the tips with wax to stop any leakage, we take our role as a color pen distributor seriously. We have researched rigorously, and to provide a multipurpose utility to you, we have identified 13 types of color pen tips.

Fine Tip

fine tip colored pens have tips made to write a line that is 0.8 mm thick or less.

Felt Tip

A felt-tip color pen is a pen which has a piece of fibre at the end that the ink comes through.

Chisel Tip

Chisel tip markers have a slanted end that allows for both thicker and thinner lines.

Conical Tip

Generally speaking by design a conical point is going to be stronger than a needle point.

Bullet Tip

Fine tip color pens have tips made to write a line that is 0.8 mm thick or less.

Jumbo Tip

A felt-tip or a felt-tip color pen is a pen which has a piece of fibre at the end that the ink comes through.

Medium Tip

Chisel tip markers have a slanted end that allows for both thicker and thinner lines.

Dot Tip

Generally speaking by design a conical point is going to be stronger than a needle point.

Retractable Tip

High quality, smooth inking and specially designed tip

Blocked Tip

Get precision, won’t bend under pressure.

Stamp Tip

Brilliant for applying wonderful motifs to a beautiful background.


special-shaped tip, draw multiple lines at once

Single Tip

Highlighter with one tip

Dual / Double tip

Highlighter with two different tips

Multi Color Pens with Assorted Barrel

Here are some of their features:

  • Made of plastic
  • Easy to use and durable
  • Different colorful pen barrels to choose from
  • Rich and light color, 
  • Perfect for smooth writing, drawing, and sketching


For strong grip and people with arthritis or joint pain


well-balanced barrel that's easy-to-use and has high-ink-capacity


Perfect for precision writing and portable use


come in a stunning array of diverse features and styles


short in length(4-inches) and lightweight (.6 ounces) to fit neatly in purses or pockets


features a non-slip grip for added security when writing


provides relaxed drawing and won't slide on tilted tables


Hexagonal barrel, special and good looking, particularly preffered by some regions.


Octagonal barrel, similar to hexagon one. special and good looking, particularly preffered by some regions.

Traditional /round

Traditional cylindrical barrel, the most traditional and classic style.

Color Pens with Unique Packaging Style

Celebrate your individuality with our extensive range of ideas and packaging designs. As your dedicated color pen distributor, we empower you to choose the perfect one that resonates with your style. Tailor your package according to your preferences from the diverse selection of options available:

Gift Box

Gift your loved ones the joy of coloring

Cardboard Packaging

Ordering a large set? We got you covered

PP box

Reusable, customized and easy to handle

PET box

Premium quality and transparent plastic box

Wallet/ Pouch

Stylish and luxury packaging


Gives an ease to reseal

Blister Card

shape to form a bubble around the product

Drum/ Bucket

Cylindrical shaped packaging, easy to grip


Campus shared corrugated boxes with large capacity form of packaging. For collective use such as schools and tutoring classes. More environmentally friendly and economical, and conducive to classified storage.

Our Innovative Testing Standards

Our commitment to delivering excellence in color pens extends beyond just product diversity. As a leading color pen wholesale provider, we blend our manufacturing prowess with customer insights, continuously innovating to offer you the finest selection. To ensure unwavering accuracy and reliability, each of our products undergoes a meticulous seven-step testing process.

We carefully create color pens that are non-toxic.

Attractive pens that catch your eye.

Fade-proof odorless pens

Recyclable and biodegradable paper

World-class quality for a wider all-purpose reach

Colorless chemical with a pleasant odor

Indicate conformity with the essential requirements set out in European Directives.

Create custom color pen with no limitations

Are you tired of using the same old colored felt tip pens? Look no further than Kaiwen, a leading manufacturer of color pens with various colors, styles, and sizes to choose from. With Kaiwen, you can create custom color pens with no limitations. Our dedication to quality is unwavering, and our commitment to excellence drives us to craft colored felt-tip pens that stand out from the rest. When you partner with Kaywin, you’re not just getting pens; you’re getting a piece of art that leaves a lasting impression.

Our Color Pen is yours for the taking

Our high-quality Color Sketch Pen is a standard supply for art students of all ages in any educational institution.

All-in-one solution to fulfill your Custom Color Pen supplies

OEM Production

Kaywin Pen is a manufacturer and supplier of color pens that offers customizable features. They provide a wide range of tips to customize multi-colored pens, from fine to broad, so you can create bold lines and designs. If you're looking for color pen exporters, Kaywin Pen is a great option to consider. They offer custom color pen tip solutions for wholesalers and stationery brands. You can choose from different types, styles, and sizes of tips to customize your color pens.

Tailored Product Solutions

Kaywin is a professional manufacturer of color pen, including colored fine point pens,brush tip markers and tailors product cost structures to cater specifically to their customers' regions. They take into account local consumer preferences, values, and various regional factors to ensure customer satisfaction. Kaywin welcomes customer-supplied designs and molds for processing and goes the extra mile by offering exclusive product design services to their valued clients. They prioritize their clients' unique vision and work to bring it to life.

Unique Packing Design

Kaywin provides a one-stop service. In addition to producing watercolor pens, we have a professional packaging design team to customize size-appropriate, fashion-forward packaging for products.

What people say?

Today, hundreds of thousands of people in different educational institutions and organizations around the world use our colored pens collection.


Below you'll find answers to common questions around color pen; However, if you need additional help, don't hesitate to contact us to see how we can help!

Normally 10000-20000sets, it depends on items. But we can accept smaller quantities for several popular styles, or undergoing orders.

Yes, ink is washable on most fabric material.

Yes, all products can be customer’s brand with small setup charge.

120 colors available.

Normally 45-60 days, after order confirmation.

Yes, plastic color can be changed without any extra charge.

Our standard samples will be free ,but express costs will be collected or pay in advance.

30% deposit,and balance before delivery if by air; balance by B/L copy if by sea.

From 24 to 48 months.

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