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Imprints that never fade and inscriptions that last forever. Kaywin permanent markers are the best choice for making permanent impressions.

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Permanent Markers Collection

Imprint on glass surfaces, or wooden surfaces. Label your kitchen jars, CDs,  gadgets, and drives. Our permanent markers work smoothly on every surface and stay there forever. With 36 permanent alcohol-based colors they make a perfect choice for professional and personal use. They come in a variety of barrels, and tips that make them suitable for any application.

Single-tip Permanent Marker

Permanent markers are used in versatile ways owing to their various functions. Our smudge-proof markers can stay put on any surface, including wood, plastic, cartons, and ceramics.    

Double-tip Permanent Marker

Dual-ended Permanent markers have two types of tips, such as a chiseled tip and an ultra-fine tip for both thick and thin lines, respectively. These are best for writing, calligraphy, illustrations, drawing, coloring, and more possibilities.

Chiseled Tip Permanent Marker

Create perfectly chiseled artwork with our chiseled tip permanent markers. Create the sharpest angles for your designs in a wide range of colors, ombre, tones, shades, and tints using our markers. Our marker tips are crafted with extreme precision in a range of sizes. Around the world, our pens are among the most widely used art supplies.

Application of Our Permanent Markers

Kaywin Permanent Markers are designed to be perfect for everyone, from schools to offices and households to kitchens, and from beginners to experts, everyone everywhere needs a permanent marker.


Popularly used by designers and architects when they need to make permanent markings on any surface.


Use them to label your kitchen jars or your music collection. Write your initials permanently on your belongings . Label anything anywhere with a guarantee of bright permanent ink forever.

Permanent Inscriptions

If you wish to inscribe something permanently forever for any application, don't think twice just grab a permanent marker by Kaywin and get your things inked forever.

Features of permanent markers

Our permanent markers are made with fade-resistant alcohol-based ink that stays on any surface longer. The ink is resistant to water and exposure to sunlight. With 36 vibrant colors and 18 months of shelf life, these permanent markers are the best choice everywhere.


  • Various shapes including triangle and round
  • Single side and double sides available
  • Injected and extruded barrels
  • Fine, medium and jumbo size
  • Various barrel printing process


  • Non-toxic and alcohol based
  • No penetration on the back of the paper
  • Shelf life up to 18 months
  • Permanent and ultra permanent ink available
  • Maximum 36 colors including classic and pastel colors


  • Fiber tip
  • Size between 2.1-9.0mm
  • Strong pressure resistance
  • Replace cap when not in use
  • Various shape including round, bullet, chisel tips
  • Permanent. on various surfaces: wood, cartons, plastics, ceramic etc.

Related Categories of Permanent Markers

Super Washable Color Pen

These super washable pens are mess free and easy to clean. Easily wipes off from any surface without leaving any stains. Keep your home and fabric clean with our super washable color pen collection.

Water-Soluble Sketch Marker

Create stunning ombre, hues, tones, and tints. We use superior quality non-toxic water-soluble ink in our pens. We have around 120 shades that blend well with each other and work evenly on posters and canvas giving your art piece the perfect watercolor finish.

Double-tip Sketch Marker

Markers with two tips are more convenient for many tasks because they provide fine ink flow control. Use our double-tip sketch pens to create carved bullets and lovely calligraphic strokes. Ideal for beginners and experts both, they come in various tips and a variety of barrels.

Brush Marker

Our brush markers, provide smooth and precise strokes, as natural as a brush stroke. Ideal for creative calligraphy and awesome sketches they are also a favorite choice for drawings, illustrations, and designing. Our brush markers come in all sizes with a fine brush tip.

The Solutions we provide

Kaywin goes beyond just being a coloring pen manufacturer. We believe in quality and personalized client servicing.


Unlimited Scope for Customization

We provide OEM/ODM support. You can customize you permanent marker, as per your requirements. We have a wide range of barrels, tips, and caps to choose from.


Creative and Stylish Packaging

For your pen collection, we pick the finest packaging based on your demands. You can have exclusive box packing, or plastic covers, and pick from a variety of options when selecting a packaging option for the pens.


Easy ordering and affordable pricing

Our top goal is our customers' convenience. We provide wholesale prices that are affordable, also it's super easy to order Kaywin super-brush pens. Just visit our website, then place your customized order. You'll definitely keep returning for more.

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Anny Meisser Slimani

potter, Morocco

“ Kaywin Permanent Markers worked wonders, even on our ceramics. I am absolutely impressed with the ink. “

Leïla Essaydi

art teacher, Austria

“Kaywin permanent markers came in a lot of colors, which is quite unusual because not many colors are available in this product range.”

Research and Development

Adding colors to your imagination since 2001

If you’re a wholesaler, stockist, or supplier from anywhere in the world trying to establish yourself in the market by providing premium art supplies at affordable prices. Or just an art enthusiast who wants to add the best permanent markers to their collection. Kaywin is the most promising option for you.

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We Are A Global Leader In Manufacturing And Supplying High-Quality Permanent Markers At Affordable Prices.

Permanent Markers are used to write on any surface and ensure a smudge-proof print. They are non-toxic and long-lasting.

It is simple to acquire a Kaywin collection. Visit our website, personalize your order, and then submit it. You’ll be back for more.

Our products are designed to last forever and withstand wear from harsh environmental conditions such as sunlight or ultraviolet light. Our permanent markers are also resistant to heat and humidity.

The tips used in our products are made of biodegradable Nylon, POM, and fiber tip materials.

Our permanent markers leave a strictly smudge-proof and no transfer print on any surface. We take pride in the finesse with which our tips are designed.


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We are the best permanent marker manufacturer from China and offer a one-stop solution for all types of color pens. 

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