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As a marker manufacturer, we offer best whiteboard markers and custom dry-erase marker services to enhance your writing experience.

Kaywin whiteboard markers

At Kaywin, we offer a diverse range of whiteboard markers to suit various needs. Our markers are designed to be easy to clean, free of toxic chemical solvents, and come in a wide array of colors, sizes, and shapes, making them suitable for a variety of uses, including educational, office, and home environments. If you are looking to purchase whiteboard markers in bulk, look no further – contact us today!

Best Whiteboard Markers From Kaywin

All the whiteboard marker products strictly conforms to international standards and environment friendly. Maximum 4 colors alcohol based white board marker suit on various surfaces, such as whiteboard,metal, paper and plastics etc.

3-S-659-B Whiteboard Marker

Triangular Whiteboard Marker with bullet tip

3-S-266 Whiteboard Marker

Black Whiteboard dry erase markers

3-S-231 Whiteboard Marker

Fine tip Whiteboard Markers

3-S-220 Whiteboard Marker

Blue Whiteboard Marker

Application of whiteboard dry erase markers

Kaywin whiteboard markers are the perfect choice for any setting. With their variety of colors, tip sizes, and features, Kaywin whiteboard markers can meet the specific needs of any stationery supplier.


Our children's whiteboard markers are brightly colored and absorbent, making them suitable for young children, while our teacher whiteboard markers are made with waterproof oil-based ink, write smoothly, and are easy to erase, making teaching easier for you.


Our whiteboard pens are made with high-quality ink, write clearly, are easy to erase, and do not produce dust, making your meetings and conferences run more smoothly.

Public Place

Our whiteboard pens can be used for display boards, bulletin boards, etc., for information dissemination, and can also be used for painting and creation, allowing you to be creative in public places

Features of custom dry erase markers

Our whiteboard markers are made with fade-resistant alcohol-based ink that stays on any surface longer. The ink is resistant to water and exposure to sunlight. All our markers undergo seven rigorous tests and have international certifications for accuracy and reliability, such as EN71 REACH, ASTM D4236,BSCI, ISO9001-ENG


  • We offer a variety of customizable pen barrel, available in different shapes and sizes, such as jumbo whiteboard markers and thin white board markers, designed to be ergonomic, providing a comfortable grip for extended writing sessions.


  • Non-toxic and alcohol based
  • No penetration on the back of the paper
  • Shelf life up to 18 months


  • A variety of pen tips are available, all with strong pressure resistance, making them more durable. Even when users apply significant pressure during writing, the pen tips maintain their shape, ensuring the stability of the writing lines

The Solutions we provide

Kaywin goes beyond just being a marker manufacturer. We believe in quality and personalized client servicing.


Unlimited Scope for Customization

We provide OEM/ODM support. You can customize you dry erase markers, as per your requirements. We have a wide range of barrels, tips, and caps to choose from.


Creative and Stylish Packaging

For your pen collection, we pick the finest packaging based on your demands. You can have exclusive box packing, or plastic covers, and pick from a variety of options when selecting a packaging option for the pens.


Easy ordering and affordable pricing

Our top goal is our customers' convenience. We provide wholesale prices that are affordable, also it's super easy to order Kaywin super-brush pens. Just visit our website, then place your customized order. You'll definitely keep returning for more.

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If you’re a wholesaler, stockist, or supplier from anywhere in the world trying to establish yourself in the market by providing premium art supplies at affordable prices. Or just an art enthusiast who wants to add the best permanent markers to their collection. Kaywin is the most promising option for you.

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FQA of purchasing whiteboard markers in bulk

We Are A Global Leader In Manufacturing And Supplying High-Quality  Whiteboard Markers At Affordable Prices.

Yes, we can use dry-erase markers on glass, but it’s best to use dry-erase markers specifically designed for glass surfaces, especially water-based dry-erase markers that have strong adhesion, can write and draw clearly, and can be easily wiped off without leaving residue. kaywin Markers are available in a variety of colors, so contact us to customize your dry-erase markers.

The best way to store dry erase markers is horizontally, as this helps to prevent the ink from flowing to the bottom and causing the tip to dry out prematurely. Storing markers on their sides is especially important for capillary-action markers, as the nib is always exposed to the ink inside the barrel. This method helps prolong the life of the markers, ensuring they remain usable for a longer period. Additionally, it’s important to avoid storing markers in extreme temperatures, as this can affect their durability. When not in use, it’s best to keep the markers in a horizontal position to maintain their quality.

Heads up! Some dry erase markers contain chemicals like methyl isobutyl ketone (2-Butanone), which can cause irritation and even health issues with prolonged exposure. While markers like Expo Dry Erase and Expo Vis-a-Vis (with the AP seal) are considered safe when used properly, let’s play it smart:

Choose wisely: Opt for low-odor, xylene-free markers whenever possible. They’re gentler on your health and the environment.
Ventilate: Open windows or work in well-ventilated areas when using dry erase markers.
Mind the fumes: Avoid inhaling the vapors directly. Step back when writing and take breaks in poorly ventilated spaces.
Store safely: Keep markers out of reach of children and store them properly following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Remember, safety first! By taking these simple precautions, you can enjoy the convenience of dry erase markers without compromising your well-being.


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