Custom Color pen for kids

At Kaywin, we believe in inspiring creativity and joy in every child. Our range of custom color pens for kids is designed with their safety, comfort, and endless imagination in mind.

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Custom Color pen

At Kaywin, we specialize in creating custom color pens perfect for children. Our pens use high-purity, heavy metal-free, salt-free dyes, ensuring the ink is non-toxic and odorless, safe for kids. We offer mini felt pens designed for small hands, making them easy and comfortable to use, fostering creativity and learning through vibrant colors.

Kaywin is your one-stop factory for all design and manufacturing needs. We provide customizable production tailored to your requirements, and our expert packaging design team ensures your packaging matches your brand image perfectly. Choose Kaywin for safe, high-quality, and fun custom color pens for kids.

Kaywin color pen for kids

Unleash your child’s creativity with Kaywin’s custom color pens for kids. Explore our collection and see the difference that quality and innovation can make.

Features of Kaywin Color pen

Choose Kaywin, custom your color pens for a perfect blend of safety, quality, and creativity, designed especially for kids.

Why choose kaywin

Choose Kaywin for color pens that prioritize safety, functionality, and environmental protection, crafted with pharmaceutical grade materials and high-purity, non-toxic ink formulations.


Kaywin is able to provide processing services for all brands with 200+ ready-made styles and customizable details.

Sustainable Development

Crafted with pharmaceutical grade polypropylene (PP) plastics, our pens ensure durability and safety. Our ink, formulated with high-purity, salt-free dye free of heavy metals, guarantees non-toxic and tasteless qualities.

Quality Control

Kaiwen has the ability to test key technical indicators and is equipped with pen cap air permeability tester, writing tester, sealing tester, tensile tester and other testing equipment to ensure that all products have the best performance

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Yes, children can use markers, but they must ensure that the markers they use are designed for children and are safe for their age group. These markers are usually non-toxic, odorless, washable, and have features such as vented caps to prevent choking hazards. In addition, young children must be supervised when using markers to ensure they use them correctly and safely.

Normally 10000-20000sets, it depends on items. But we can accept smaller quantities for several popular styles, or undergoing orders.

Yes, all products can be customer’s brand with small setup charge. 

Normally 45-60 days, after order confirmation.

120 colors available.

Yes, plastic color can be changed without any extra charge.


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We are the best washable marker manufacturer from China and offer a one-stop solution for all types of color pens. 

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