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Filter & Refine

#9-Q-511-A Glitter Marker


#9-Q-511-A Glitter Marker, using special glitter ink without filter inside, beautiful glitter translucent components outside

Liquid-based Single-tip
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Glitter Marker 

All the glitter markers strictly conform to international standards and environmentlly friendly, Below are some details for reference.


  • With shiny glitters on the barrel
  • Single side and double sides available
  • Fine, medium and jumbo size available
  • Various barrel printing processes including UV, silk screen, hot stamping and heat transfer


  • Nontoxic and scentless
  • Maximum 24 colors including classic and pastel colors
  • No penetration on the back of the paper
  • Filter based and liquid based available
  • The shiny glitters can get the best effect under the light at night
  • Shelf life up to than 18 months  


  • Size between2.5-4.0mm
  • Strong pressure resistance Keep the tip down for 5 minutes before using for better effect.
  • Replace cap when not in use and store horizontally 1502001-2213 E-BERRKISCARD01-2045 ARE TIRE