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Can I Use Highlighter On Whiteboard?

09th Aug 2022

There are several materials used for whiteboards, such as glass, aluminum, and enamel. Their initial development in the United States and England in the late 1950s was a result of people’s desire for smooth, nonporous writing surfaces. 

To write on the surface of a whiteboard, different types of pens and markers are used. Make sure you use only the right type of pen, or else it will permanently ruin the surface of the board. 

A dry-erase board requires special dry-erase markers. These markers should have “dry-erase” printed on their tip. If your board doesn’t specify what type of markers it will work with, consult the instruction manual. 

If you want to know whether you can use a highlighter on a whiteboard, continue reading this article. 

What is a Highlighter Pen?

A highlighter is a writing device that is used to mark certain sections of text with vibrant or translucent colors. It is often used to highlight important parts of a book or article. 

Highlighters are great for marking important passages and ideas and can make your work more effective and easy to read. Despite the name, there are many different types of highlighter pens. 

Highlighters are made of high-quality materials, and while the color of their ink might not be as vibrant as other types of pens, they still perform well. Highlighters disperse ink evenly and smoothly, and they don’t leave clumps or dark markings. 

Because they are made like pens, they’re easier to use than other types of pens. While some highlighters are bulky, others are slim and flexible, making them easier to hold and use.

Highlighter pens are most useful when you’re studying. They allow you to highlight important words or phrases and keep track of what you’re studying. This means that you can save valuable time and still get the information you need. 

Can I Use Highlighter on a Whiteboard?

No, you cannot use a highlighter on a whiteboard as it will ruin the surface. If you want to use a whiteboard, you need to use only whiteboard markers. 

These markers are specially designed to write on whiteboards and are erasable. You can easily use a piece of cloth the wipe the ink. This ensures recurrent use of the whiteboard. 

A highlighter is different than a whiteboard marker. It can stay permanently on the whiteboard and leave stains even if you remove it. It is best to use a highlighter for permanent marking on books and pages. 

To remove dry-erase ink from a whiteboard, you must use a special eraser. The dry-erase eraser must have a “dry-erase” label. If you’re unsure, check the user’s manual. Highlighters and Sharpies cannot be used on a whiteboard.

What Type of Pen Can You Use on a Whiteboard?

A whiteboard is an excellent place to create pictures, but there are some important factors to consider before choosing a pen. A pen should be able to dispense ink evenly and not have any patches of light. It should also be comfortable to hold, and the barrel should be wide enough to flow freely. 

Chisel tip markers are great for writing on whiteboards because they are dual-purpose. One tip produces a thin line, while the other is used for bold lines. Chisel markers are also easy to erase. The downside is that they require practice to master. A chisel tip is also a bit bulky, which can be uncomfortable to steer.

If you’re using a whiteboard for a presentation, consider getting ergonomic whiteboard markers to protect your hands. Also, look for low-odor ink, so you can concentrate on the content of your presentation.