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Kaiwin – The World’s Top Producers of Color Pen and Brush Markers

10th Feb 2023

Kaiwin is a reputable manufacturer of high-quality colour pens and brush markers. These products are designed to last, are easy to blend, and offer excellent colour saturation. These pens are the perfect gift for art enthusiasts and school students. Kaiwin is also known for providing excellent customer service.

One of the best features of Kaiwin’s marker is its quality. Using a cheap pen with poor-quality links will lead to mediocre results. You should upgrade your pens if you want the best results from your artwork. If you’re serious about drawing comics or manga, it’s time to upgrade to a higher-quality pen or brush. With proper care, you can achieve a professional-grade result without breaking the bank.


Colour pens and brush markers are a great way to express yourself with art. These versatile tools can be used in a variety of ways to create a beautiful work of art. Unlike typical marker pens, these water-based inks have a permanent colour and fast drying time. This means they are a great choice for painting and cover-up work. The water-based inks also do not fade with time, even when exposed to sunlight for several days.

  • Zig

Kaiwin Zig makes colour pen and brush markers that offer a range of different techniques and benefits. These markers are highly blendable and can achieve a watercolour effect. They are excellent for modern brush lettering, sketching, rubber stamping and painting.

  • Copic

Kaiwin produces a colour pen and brush markers for artists of all levels. These high-quality products come with a variety of benefits and are available in several colours. The fine point nib is perfect for fine calligraphy marks, while the wide chisel tip is best for large areas of daubing. This combination of two different NIBs will make your colouring process more efficient.

  • Caliart

The Kaiwin line of colour pens and brush markers offers the artist a variety of styles, sizes, and colours for their projects. They can be used in different ways, including with regular or thick paper. The bullet tip is one of the most common and enables the artist to create smooth lines.

  • Zig Clean Color Real Brush

The Zig Clean Color Real Brush markers come in a reusable plastic case with shrink-wrapped caps. These caps are difficult to remove without damaging the marker. The markers come in a wide range of bright, vivid, and natural colours. The markers are also water-soluble, making them perfect for watercolour. They blend well with watercolour paper, and the markers are also compatible with the Zig Watercolor Brush 20.

  • Copic Ciao

One of the most popular types of colour marker pens is Copic. This brand is renowned for producing professional-quality, durable, vibrant colours. These markers are refillable and offer a wide selection of inks and pen tips. They are also suitable for collecting.

  • PITT

Urban sketchers, who often carry a portable art kit, will appreciate the self-contained design of Kaiwin PITT colour pen and brush marker sets. With a range of colour options and different tip styles, PITT pen sets make sketching anywhere a snap.

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