Research and Development

Kaywin maintains 5% of its annual sales for R&D costs and new equipment procurement costs, ensuring that the company is always a leader in the industry. Every product developed is perfect for the current market.

Sample Design

Initial sample designs can be performed according to preferred style and function needs. The habits of that region’s consumers, their values and a host of other factors also be considered during design.

Mold R & D

With watercolor pens, Kaywin has the ability to mold independent designs with various development capabilities. Using Development software of AutoCAD, UG, CIMATRO and mold equipment of Heideman numerical control lathe, + GF + Electrical Discharge Machine, Dumout CNC, etc.

Ink R&D

A variety of color are developed such as polypropylene, dyes, titanium dioxide ink and additives. All ink colors comply with the requirements of LHAMA, EN71-3, REACH Regulation and EN71-9, PAHs Test.

Laboratory Testing

Kaywin has the detection ability of key technical indicators, and is equipped with a pen cap ventilation tester, a writing test, a sealing test, a tensile test and other inspection equipment.

Packing Design

Kaywin provides a one-stop service. In addition to producing watercolor pens, we have a professional packaging design team to customize size-appropriate, fashion-forward packaging for products.