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Give exotic and beautiful strokes to your awesome drawings and paintings with Kaywins Super-Brush Markers. Our pens are every calligrapher’s best friend.

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Custom Super Brush Marker

Our super brush marker are a pleasure to create artistic masterpieces.

Delivering a flawless art and painting experience is what we aim for. Our non-toxic, super-washable & smooth-flowing super brush marker collections are an asset for every art enthusiast. Choose from a variety of Super brush markers, there is something for everyone.

Choose one to fit your needs

Delivering a flawless art and painting experience is what we aim for. Our non-toxic, super-washable & smooth-flowing super brush marker collections are an asset for every art enthusiast. Choose from a variety of Super brush markers, there is something for everyone.

#6-D7-733 Super Brush Sketch Marker

Our Super-Brush markers with triangular barrels come in both double-tip and single-tip. They are designed to give a strong grip and are slide-proof. They are best suited for calligraphy and sketching.

#6-D8-628-YR Watersoluable Sketch Marker

Twin tips make multiple functions easier as they give you precise control of the ink flow. From chiseled bullets to beautiful calligraphic strokes, create them with finesse using our double-tip super brush markers.

#6-Q-690 Liquid-based Brush Marker

Our single-tip liquid-based sketch markers are made of fast-drying, non-toxic, ink to go through the ebbs and flows of your imagination. Shop from a wide range of markers in our collection.

#6-S-177-x Super Brush Marker

The super thin and fine tip made of high-quality plastic or metal is ideal for calligraphy and sketching. It is the best choice for amateurs who have just begun their journey in the art world. The odorless quality and smooth flow of the ink add a sense of fulfillment to a creative experience.

Features of Super Brush Marker

Be it a planner, a fun doodle, an illustration, an architectural drawing, or exquisite calligraphy our vibrant super brush markers with super fine tips turns your art into masterpieces. Get the finest collections of Super-Brush markers with 120 vibrant and pastel shades, and perfect brush tips from the largest Super-Brush Marker manufacturer in China.



You can use a super-brush marker to get beautiful handwriting and add a finish to your paintings. Carefully crafted for sketching and drawing, a Kaywin super-brush marker is an asset in an artist's pen collection.


Prominent Colors

We have more than 120 colors from classic and subtle hues to splashy and vibrant colors.


Best for branding

Our products can be customized as per your requirements. They also make beautiful corporate gifts with your brand logos or initials.


Affordability and Functionality

Our range of products is made to fit every pocket while ensuring maximum functionality. Our pens have a long shelf life of up to 2 years and are designed to meet the need of everyone and anyone.


Adhering to International Standards

We strictly follow International quality standards. We are a certified ISO 45001-2018 company. Our pens are environment-friendly, non-toxic, and made with degradable medical-grade plastic.


Loved throughout the world

Our products are manufactured and exported all over the world. You can always find a Kaywin in any professional art supply collection.

Application and Scope of Our Super Brush Marker

Best for Art Students

A super brush marker can be efficiently used for all your art projects. Be it drawing, sketching, or designing, they last a lifetime and give vibrance and elegance to your art pieces.

Ideal for calligraphy

If you are a professional calligrapher, who stuns people with eloquent strokes and exemplary designs, look no further because super brush markers are the thing for you. Their fine metal brush-like tips give super fine strokes. You can choose from a variety of barrel sizes and shapes to suit your requirements.

Preferred by offices

Our super brush marker is the preferred choice for architects and designers who create beautiful plans and drawings. Add style and glamour to your work and impress your colleagues with a super brush marker collection.

Related Categories of Super Brush Marker

Super Washable Color Pen

These super washable pens are mess free and easy to clean. Easily wipes off from any surface without leaving any stains. Keep your home and fabric clean with our super washable color pen collection.

Water-Soluble Sketch Marker

Create stunning ombre, hues, tones, and tints. We use superior quality non-toxic water-soluble ink in our pens. We have around 120 shades that blend well with each other and work evenly on posters and canvas giving your art piece the perfect watercolor finish.

Double-tip Sketch Marker

Markers with two tips are more convenient for many tasks because they provide fine ink flow control. Use our double-tip sketch pens to create carved bullets and lovely calligraphic strokes. Ideal for beginners and experts both, they come in various tips and a variety of barrels.

Brush Marker

Our brush markers, provide smooth and precise strokes, as natural as a brush stroke. Ideal for creative calligraphy and awesome sketches they are also a favorite choice for drawings, illustrations, and designing. Our brush markers come in all sizes with a fine brush tip.

The Solutions we provide

Kaywin goes beyond just being a coloring pen manufacturer. We believe in quality and personalized client servicing.


Unlimited Scope for Customization

We provide OEM/ODM support. You can customize your super-brush markers, as per your requirements. We have a wide range of barrels, tips, and caps to choose from.


Creative and Stylish Packaging

For your pen collection, we pick the finest packaging based on your demands. You can have exclusive box packing, or plastic covers, and pick from a variety of options when selecting a packaging option for the pens.


Easy ordering and affordable pricing

Our top goal is our customers' convenience. We provide wholesale prices that are affordable, also it's super easy to order Kaywin super-brush pens. Just visit our website, then place your customized order. You'll definitely keep returning for more.

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Crystal Hart

Stationary distributor, France

“Kaywin is a family favorite. From my architect husband to my art-loving kids, we all look for Kaywin.”

Sherry Brown

painter, Finland

“I have always loved my Calligraphy but Kaywin super brush markers have made it even more elegant and beautiful.”

Research and Development

Adding colors to your imagination since 2001

If you’re looking for a super brush marker manufacturer, you’ve come to the right place. Our products are washable, and the ink glides smoothly onto paper. Additionally, many people love the fun, colorful accents and unique design of our color pen. We offer the most versatile drawing and coloring solution on the market. 

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We Are A Global Leader In Manufacturing And Supplying High-Quality Super Brush Marker At Affordable Prices.

Owning a Kaywin collection is an easy process. Visit our website, customize your order, and place it. You are sure to keep coming back for more.

Our long-lasting products are made to withstand wear due to any condition, be it direct sunlight or fluorescent light. Our products can also withstand high temperatures and humidity.

All the pens, sketches, and markers are available for Customization.

The tips used in our products are made of biodegradable Nylon, POM, and fiber tip materials.

They are used to draw strokes and lines of various thicknesses and are precise in nature. They can be used instead of paint and brush. The fluidity of the ink allows you to draw more graceful strokes.


If you are looking for a reliable super brush marker supplier, contact us now!

We are the best super brush marker manufacturer from China and offer a one-stop solution for all types of color pens. 

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