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Permanent Marker Vs. Normal Marker

08th Feb 2023

There are three main elements to a permanent marker: ink, colorant, and carrier. The ink is the substance that actually produces the line. The colorant is the pigment that gives the marker its color. The carrier is a non-polar solvent that helps the ink adhere to the paper.

Permanent markers have a variety of applications. They are ideal for art projects and even regular home use. They come in a wide range of colors and sizes. While some may not work well on certain surfaces, most of them will work on almost everything.

These markers are different from normal markers as they have permanent ink that is water-resistant and lasts for a long time. For example, if you want to create a permanent mark, you can use a permanent marker instead of a normal marker. 

No matter what type of marker pen you want, you will find everything at Kaywin. We manufacture and supply a wide variety of color pens, including permanent markers and normal markers. 

If you want to know about the difference between the two, continue reading. 

Permanent Marker Vs. Normal Marker

If you’re trying to decide between a permanent marker and a normal marker, you’re likely wondering which one offers more benefits. Both are popular art tools, but there are some significant differences between the two.

  • Long-Lasting Mark

A permanent marker is a type of marker pen that combines pigments and solvents to produce a durable, long-lasting mark on a variety of surfaces. It is also water-resistant. Some are even non-toxic. On the other hand, a normal marker doesn’t contain permanent ink. It can easily be wiped off and doesn’t stay for a long time on a surface. 

  • Quick Drying Time

Permanent markers are essentially cylindrical tubes with a porous sponge-like material inside. The ink resin saturates the sponge and sticks to the paper when the solvent evaporates. This makes the marker a quick-drying, smudge-free alternative to other types of writing pens. However, an ordinary marker takes more time to dry. 

  • Doesn’t Bleed Through

While a permanent marker can be used on a wide variety of surfaces, it does have some limitations. For instance, its colorant isn’t water-soluble, meaning it won’t bleed through ordinary paper. An ordinary marker is water-soluble and can easily bleed through paper. 

  • Tip Size

Another major difference between a permanent marker and a regular marker is the tip size. While permanent markers are available in different shapes and sizes, the most popular is a bullet tip. These tips are best for achieving thin lines.

  • Protection

A permanent marker is a tool that lets you create a clean, crisp line with high precision. While these markers are durable and long-lasting, you must make sure to keep them properly protected and hydrated. To do this, dip the tip in warm water. On the other hand, ordinary markers don’t need much protection. 

  • Can Be Used on a Variety of Surfaces

A permanent marker is a type of ink used to write on hard, non-porous surfaces such as glass, metal, wood, concrete, and more. The marker is also known for its novelty effects, as well as its ability to provide a long-lasting writing surface. These markers are considered non-toxic and safe to use if used properly.

  • Water-Soluble

Permanent markers are not water-soluble. That is because the colorant does not dissolve in water. Instead, they bind to the surface through van der Waals forces. They are often used for a number of different purposes. These include writing, sketching, drawing, tracing, and even creating temporary markings on the fabric.

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